Vocational Qualifications Upgrade in AEC Industry

1. Case study (4, one for each country) relating to the mobility of workers with professional quaifications;

2. Focus groups with stakeholders (4, one for each country);

3. Interviews with organisations representing employers, trade unions and institutional policy-makers involved in vocational education and training;

4. Guidelines for the recognition of new skills, profiles and necessary qualificatios in AEC Industry.

5. Formulation of recommendations and suggestions to improve the vocational training system in AEC industry

6. Report:
a) summarise the pilot experience focusing on how toolkit has been adapted and used in each country;
b) provide concrete data on the impact the project has had on the various participants, with particular reference to young people, companies and VET staff.

START DATE 06/05/2019 - END DATE 20/11/2019